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Will my spray tan stain my clothes?

No, the bronzers are made using the highest grade FD&C colours available, which helps prevent colour coming off onto clothing and sheets during the development process. We recommend loose fitting clothing is worn whilst your tan is developing straight after. Also spray tans have come a very long way since the 90s and most of the tans we use now are rapid. This means that you can rinse off after a couple of hours so then there's no bronzer left on to transfer onto clothes or sheets and you no longer feel sticky. Magic!

How long will my spray tan last?

The Tanning Boutique uses the best quality ingredients and should last anywhere from 4 to 10 days depending on skin type and condition. Before your tan, ensure you exfoliate to remove dry, dead skin cells. Moisturising morning and night after your spray tan has fully developed will extend the life of your tan. Avoiding things like chlorinated pools and taking long baths will also help your spray tan to stay on longer.

Will my spray tan wash off?

Your Tanning Boutique tan will deliver gorgeous, natural looking colour once it's developed after approximately 12 hours. When first applied, you will feel lovely and tanned because of the bronzer. This gives you instant, temporary colour while your clear spray tan is developing underneath. At rinse off time you'll see the bronzers washing off and you'll go back to almost your original colour. This is completely normal so don't freak out and start covering yourself in fake tan! Your tan will continue to develop over the next 48 hours with the majority of your tan being fully developed after 12 hours.

Can I swim in pools?

Swimming in chlorinated pools or sitting in the spa is a good way to remove your tan quickly. But of course you want to swim if you're right next to a lovely pool! A quick swim is absolutely fine and you just want to make sure you have a quick fresh water rinse off as soon as you get out to remove the chlorine.

Are there any harmful ingredients in the products that you use?

I have specifically chosen and spent many hours researching the products I use to ensure I am bringing you the best, most natural and organic products available. Black Magic tans are the market leaders for spray tanning products, far superior to brands that even claim to be fully natural and eco. The Tanning Boutique's solutions use 100% all natural DHA. No alcohol. No fragrance which is often used to disguise nasty, cheaper ingredients. No parabens. Not tested on animals and it's vegan friendly. You are in very good hands at The Tanning Boutique with 10+ solutions to choose from.

Should I spray tan my face?

Yes, our spray tans are designed for the entire body, including the face. We do a lighter coat on the face to keep it looking lovely and natural. As your face is more exposed to the elements, your tan will often fade earlier on your face. We sell bronzer free, facial tanner in salon which you can apply four days after your spray tan to keep your face looking tanned all week long.

Is it ok to get a spray tan during pregnancy?

There are no tests showing that spray tanning during pregnancy is harmful because let's be honest, what pregnant Mama Bear is going to want to volunteer for that! The ingredient in the tanning solution that gives you your tan is DHA and this is made from sugar cane, and has no known problems. This is completely your decision. If in doubt we recommend you consult with your Doctor. We will also supply you with a face mask so that no spray tan is inhaled during the process.

Can I breastfeed and get a spray tan?

If breastfeeding, there are a couple of options in terms of covering your nipples. You can leave your bra on, not ideal as this means you will get bra shaped tan lines, or we will provide nipple coverings or barrier cream so that your nipples are tan free when it comes time to breast feed again. Our rapid tans are perfect for breastfeeding mothers with shorter time constraints because you can rinse off the bronzer in as little as an hour and watch your spray tan develop beautifully over the next 12 hours.

When is the best time to wax, before or after a spray tan?

Waxing is recommended at least 24 hours prior to having your spray tan to ensure the pores of your skin are closed. If the pores of your skin remain open, bronzer can become trapped in the pores creating a spotty effect. Same goes for shaving. Pre tan prep well ahead of time is key!

Why don’t I have any colour after my rapid tan?

A rapid tan means you can rinse off your bronzer after a couple of hours and go about your normal routine. Once your development time has expired you need to take a quick 30 second rinse in the shower. Do not use any soaps, scrubs or product as your tan is still developing underneath. If you do use product it can negatively impact on the end result. Ie. You could be driving on down to streaky town. Depending on the tanning solution you have chosen, colour will start to appear in as little as two hours and will be fully developed between 8 – to 12 hours.

Will medication affect my tan?

Some medication can create hormonal changes and the bodies pH levels which can change the outcome of your tan. For example, you may find that your legs don't take on the spray tan as much as the rest of your body.

I’m currently undergoing IPL/laser hair removal when is it safe to get a spray tan?

It is ok to tan 24 hours AFTER but NOT BEFORE as the IPL will tattoo the colour of the tan into your skin. All tan should be removed before your next laser treatment. Your laser technician will know this and should not offer to laser you with any tan on.

I’m wearing a moisturiser will it affect my spray tan?

Some moisturisers act as a barrier against your spray tan. We suggest that you do your pre tan prep before you come! Failing this you can use our pre tan prep spray at an extra cost to remove oil, make up and excess moisturiser before your spray tan as it can negatively impact on the outcome of your tan. This also applies to deodorant. Make sure you come to your appointment with nothing on your skin for the best results. Yes, deodorant that you put on in the morning still counts. I promise!

I use my own self-tanning product. Can I get a spray tan over the top?

Short answer - No! Not unless you want to run the risk of turning orange. It is best to wait until you have exfoliated off the old colour first for best results.

I haven’t exfoliated will this affect my tan?

Exfoliation is an important part of the pre-tan process. It removes the dead skin cells so that you create the best possible conditions for your spray tan. If you do not exfoliate it can result in a shorter life or a patchy tan because we'll be applying tan onto your skin that is already wanting to fall off. Exfoliate 24 hours before your appointment. Not right before as it will mean your pores are open and risk getting clogged by the tan.
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