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October 12, 2019

Which spray tan is right for me?

Rapid, overnight, organic, green base, violet base, brown base – So many choices it can all be a bit confusing!

Rapid, overnight, organic, green base, violet base, brown base – So many choices it can all be a bit confusing!

When it comes to choosing a spray tan, there are a few very important things to consider. The good news is, at The Tanning Boutique, you are in safe hands with a Spray Tanning Specialist, so all of these questions can be answered after a short conversation about your skin, your schedule for the day and the kind of colour you are wanting to achieve.

A question I get asked a lot, is what is the difference between the rapid and overnight tans and will one last longer than the other? The answer is – Rapid tans are a total game changer in the world of tanning. Tanned palms and smelly bed sheets are a thing of the past because you can rinse off your tan in as little as an hour, thanks to the amazing new technology of rapid tans. These days, the only time I recommend getting an overnight tan is if you are coming into the salon super late and want to go straight to bed, so you won’t be able to rinse off in a couple of hours, or you have a super busy day ahead and won’t be able to rinse off for eight hours, in which case the overnight is perfect because you can leave it on for longer. Does overnight last longer than a rapid tan – The simple answer here is – No.

Why do I have an organic option available? This tan is amazing for people with sensitive skin and also the spray tan I recommend for ladies who are pregnant simply because all the ingredients are organic and natural. All the other spray tans I stock contain natural and organic ingredients but due to their bronzers, can’t make the claim of being 100% organic here in NZ due to our strict organic regulations.

Now, onto the different bases – Green, violet, brown – Depending on your skin type and if you have warm or cool undertones, different solutions will suit your skin type best. Red heads look great with a green base where as customers with a more olive skin tone look amazing with a brown base tan. This is why it’s important to chat about your skin type with your spray tanning technician before deciding on which solution to use.

I hope this clears up some of the confusion about what to book in and we’ll see you soon at The Tanning Boutique to get you looking bronzed and extra gorgeous!


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