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January 4, 2018

What should I wear to my next spray tan?

This may seem like a pretty straight forward question, but different clothing choices can have a drastic effect on the end result of your tan.

This may seem like a pretty straight forward question, but different clothing choices can have a drastic effect on the end result of your tan.

Let’s start from the beginning. What will you be wearing when getting a spray tan?

I know that for first time tanners, the unknown of what you will be wearing in the booth can be a bit overwhelming. The quick answer is, you can wear whatever will make you feel comfortable. As a general rule, less is more in this case, because the more skin you have showing, the more spray tan that will cover your body. End result, bronzed goddess all over!

Here at The Tanning Boutique, I will always offer you a disposable g-string (this is the perfect option as it has thin straps), along with a hair net. If you wish to wear your own underwear and keep your bra on then that is 100% up to you. Some people even choose to just tan half their body or to wear a singlet. I will always respect your choices and go with whatever you feel most comfortable in.

Now for after your spray tan. Tight activewear and denim do not make for the perfect end result! Loose, loose and loose again is what you want. Breathable materials like cotton / rayon are also best. Straight after your tan is the important part, when the tan is developing and it can be a bit delicate. The best choice is to keep your g string on or your underwear that you wore during the tan. This is so you don’t scrape the tan off and get tan all over your hands when you are getting changed. It is best to leave your bra off until rinse off. Finally, you want to throw on a nice flowing dress or large T-shirt. Wide straps are the best option. Spaghetti straps have a clever way of creating a sawing motion and can end up cutting into your tan. My clients have even been known to leave the salon in their pajamas and bathrobes…I 100% support this in the name of the perfect tan.

If you get caught out and don’t bring the correct clothing, The Tanning Boutique sells kaftans designed specifically with the spray tanner in mind. The seams are smooth, there are no exposed tags, the material is breathable and the style is loose and stylish. Pricing starts from just $45.00.

Once you’ve rinsed off your tan after a couple of hours, you want to be a little bit careful for the next 12 hours. For example, I wouldn’t throw on my tightest sports bra and run to the gym for a HIIT workout, but you can wear normal clothing from this point on. After 12 hours, everything is like normal.

See you and your loose clothing soon, to get you bronzed and even more gorgeous!

Kim x


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