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June 5, 2021

Please can you tell me you're not going to make me look orange?

"I don't want to look orange." I get this a lot, especially from first time tanners. When there are so many bad tan stories floating around out there, I'm not surprised that getting a spray tan can feel a little overwhelming.

“I don’t want to look orange.”

“I don’t want to look like Donald Trump.”

“I don’t want to look like an Oompa Loompa.”

And my all time favourite..."I really don't want you to make me look like a brick."

Here at The Tanning Boutique, I get these comments a lot, and with good reason. No one wants to look orange and unfortunately when you look around you can easily find a lot of really bad tans. But why is this even a thing when tan technology has come so far?

There are a few reasons this can happen and the good news is a lot of it is in your hands!

So here's a list of some important things to have you going from Oompa Loompa to Golden Goddess.

1. Make sure you research your salon before you book. Do they got good reviews? Do they use a reputable product? Do they have a range of products so that your solution is chosen specifically for your skin type?

2. Don’t leave your tan on longer than instructed. A lot of tans are “Rapid” or "Express" now which means they work their magic within 1 - 2 hours - Leave it on for 3 or more hours and orange town here you come!

3. Have you removed all of your last tan / self tan? If you come for your tan and you’ve got last weeks tan on still you run the risk of over developing. Also a lot of girls who end up orange are using the Bondi Sands Ultra dark at home and not feeling dark enough. So the next day they add another layer and then another layer which causes it to over develop and turn orange. One or two layers at home is best, on the same day before it's started to develop.

4. You’re super fair but want to be the most tan gal in the room - This is tricky and requires the right solution for your goals. Make sure you chat to your spray tan tech so there’s no orange in sight!

Happy tanning x


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